July 30 "War! So Endeth the Diary"

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July 30 Thursday

Cologne - Paris, France

Left Cologne at 8 am for a nine-hour ride to Paris - time pieces being set back 1 hr when we entered Belgium - passed thru' Liegeon the way. Reached Paris about 4 o'clock and went directly to the Hotel Louvois, a very good, quiet, small hotel which is very central. We took a walk and saw the opera house and one or two streets, and retired early.


July 31


We took a ride in sight seeing auto. On the east side of Paris we saw the French Academy, Pantheon with beautiful mural paintings - some by Chavannes- (who did the murals on the staircase of the Boston Library) - History of Genevieve - patron saint of Paris - pale light coloring - a monument to Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Emil Zola and Soufflot, architect of Pantheon. Notre Dame founded in 1163 - converted into Temple of Reason 1793 with ballet dancer as "Reason" Reopened by Napoleon as place of worship.

Went into the treasury and saw the coronation robes of Napoleon - robes of priests in embroidery & jewels - gorgeous chalices given by kings for baptisms of their children - lace made by Marie Antoinette etc. The windows in the church were most beautiful rose windows. Past Hotel Cluny (Abbey of Cluny) Latin Quarter - Place des Executions where little French boys counted "one, two, three, four, five - cut head." Palace of Justice which we entered - saw trial going on - forgery of 50,000 franc check - saw lawyers in gowns - and judges also - saw a woman lawyer in the halls - saw places where Marie Antoinette was tried also Charlotte Corday. In the afternoon we went to the Louvre


So Endeth the diary

... It is said she came home via steerage ..


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