July 4 Munich to Austria - "with no fireworks"

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Fourth of July

Munich - Bozen, Austria (note - now Bolzano, Italy)


flags Munich at 9.40 in a cold driving rain - Fourth of July in a foreign country with no fireworks and only an American flag to celebrate with - on the way the rain partly disclosed a most beautiful mountainous country - The further we went, the more beautiful it became. Passed thru' the border where baggage inspections take place as we enter Austria. The railroad winds around mountains and thru' tunnels and had my first view of gorgeous snow-capped peaks. We have now entered the Tyrol with little red-roofed villages clustered in the valleys - a raging river fed by mountain streams falling hundreds of feet, with here and there a castle or church with spire which makes a perfect picture. The queer costumes of men and women were new and strange. Man dressed with heavy nailed shoes, socks, and short trousers with a pair of calflets! and surmounted by a soft felt hat with a bunch of feathers or a shaving brush at the back - were not an uncommon sight - rucksack on back and cape over coat making a most incongruous whole. As we neared Innsbruck - the beautiful terraced vineyards began and went from valley to top with the most picturesque little houses here and there - some at the very top of the mountains. The grapes are grown on wooden frames that are higher on one side than the other. and slatted across so that the grapes fall through. Grapes seemed the principal crop grown altho' we saw little garden plots with lettuce etc.

Arrived in Bozen about four o'clock. Went to Hotel Victoria - a very nice place which is directly opposite the station. We took aride around the place and found it quaint and beautiful. Some of the streets are so narrow that a carriage takes up the entire street - high walls on either side and even a foot passenger can not pass - other streets have the houses so close together that you could shake hands across the street almost! Driving thru' these little streets, at the ends one sees the gorgeous mountains which entirely surround the place as if sent in frames. Americans seem to attract much attention here - people simply stare, even stop, turn around, and gape. As we leave at 6 o'clock in morning - call at 4.30 - bed for me at 9 o'clock.


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