Julia Cooke

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After the War
Julia Cooke and Jacob Sharpe

1866 Jacob and Julia were living in New York City. They had one daughter named Julia, nicknamed "Julie" Cooke Sharpe. She was born on the 28th of  November 1866, and baptized on the 17th of Jan 1867, in Omaha Nebraska. I had speculated that she might have been adopted, but as Jacob's paralysis is dated from the year 1867, and Julia's parents were in Nebraska in 1866, (Philip St George Cooke was commander of The Department of the Platte, with his headquarters at Omaha from 1866-67), so it is likely that Julia went to stay with her mother in 1866 and that this was their "natural" child, and her correct birth date.

1874 March 9 Jacob applied for a disability pension. Since leaving the service he and Julia had lived in New York City, and on this date their residence was given as 149 Broadway. He was described as being 5' 5" tall with a dark complexion, black hair, and brown eyes. His occupation was listed as Real Estate. He later became a US Customs official.

1880 Census finds the Sharpes living at 86 W. Jersey St. in Elizabeth New Jersey. Jacob's occupation is "at home", Julia born in Nebraska, is 13 years old, and Jacob's widowed mother Helen, aged 78 years, was with them at that time.

1880-1889 Jacob was the governor of the northwest branch of the National Home for the Disabled Volunteer Soldiers at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In the 1880 census Charles Mallory (Julia's future second husband), was listed as being in Milwaukee, a priest for the Protestant Episcopal Church and chaplain of the Soldiers Home in Milwaukee, so Julia and Jacob would have met Charles at this time.

1890 This probably was the year the Sharpes (and their 24 year old daughter?) moved to her parent's home in Detroit so Julia could care for both Jacob and her aging parents.

1892 April 27 Death of Jacob Sharpe at the Cooke's home at the age of 57. The cause of death was listed as spinal sclerosis the duration of which was 25 years. He was buried on the 29th in the Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit, Section O, but then removed to Section H, Lot 94 on Sept 7 1892, the day that Philip St. George Cooke and Julia Sharpe purchased that section. A picture of Jacob in his later years shows a face that has born much suffering.

1892 July 26 Julia applied for a widow's pension. Her witnesses were her sister Flora Stuart, J.H. Doherty and Charles Sutherland, Surgeon-General U.S.A. who was married to Dr. Charles Brewer's sisters Kate Brewer (1st) and Elizabeth Wirt Brewer (2nd). Hence my grandmother's name of Wirt Sutherland Brewer.

1895 March 20 Death Julia's father Philip St. George Cooke who died at age 86 at home.

1896 February 15 Death Julia's mother, Rachel at age 88, eleven months after her husband. She and Philip are both buried in Elmwood Cemetery next to Jacob Sharpe.

1896 Julia age 54 married Rev. Charles Mallory age 49 (b. Nov 1847 in Wisconsin). On June 2nd, she dropped her widow's pension due to remarriage. Some time after that the couple and Julie moved to Kenosha Wisconsin where Charles became the rector of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church.

1900 June 14 Census Delavan, Walworth Co., Wisconsin Enumer. dist. 85, sheet 15, line 20. Charles L. Mallory, b. 11/1847 in WI, 52 yrs. father b. VT, Mother b. NY. Married 4 years; clergyman, renting house. Julia T. Mallory, b. 3/1853 (this is incorrect she was born on March 10 1842- sloppy record keeping?) She gave birth to one child; one child living. Julia C. Sharpe, No occupation listed for either woman.

1902, May 14 Death of Julia Turner (Cooke) Mallory age 60, in Kenosha Wisconsin of Blights Disease. She was buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Detroit on May 18 with Jacob and her parents.

1920 census Julia C Sharpe is listed as Julie, 48 years, b. Nebraska, single, seamstress, at home. She was one of three lodgers in the home of a young couple on West Change St., Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As far as I know she never married. As she did not show up in the 1930 census it is possible she had died by that time. Little is known of Julia Cooke Sharpe, but in a letter from Marrow Stuart Smith dated after 1964, she wrote that Jacob and Julia had ..."one child by 1st Marriage. She "Julia" never married - deceased now." (from "Life After J.E.B. Stuart" edited by Sean M. Heuvel.)

Recent information gives her death date as May 14th 1902 ub Kenosha, Wisconsin.  However her life still remains a bit of a mystery to me.

1938 After having served as rector from 1900 to 1910 and traveling abroad for several years (while in England he served at the Islip Church near Oxford), Charles returned to Kenosha in July 1938 and made his home there.

1941 March 25 Death Rev. Charles Lewis Mallory in Sheboygan Wisconsin after "a prolonged illness" in Kenosha.

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