Philip St Geoge Cooke Conclusion

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19th Century U.S. History is amazing in many ways because of its scale and written records. The historic moments my ancestors touched on in a very personal way is truly incredible - especially in the life of Philip St. George Cooke.

What an exciting life he led! I think of him riding across the unpolluted, open landscape of early America - no major cities, speeding traffic or noisy helicopters in the sky. Fresh air, clean water, and a simplistic view of right and wrong.

Good guys, bad buys, good Indians, bad Indians. Sometimes I wonder how many people he killed - especially when he complained that he didn't get the credit for "Harney's Massacre". My heart though, is still with the Indians.

I have used the term "Silent Women" as none of their journals - as far as I know - have survived, and so my vision of them is a peripheral one.

Do rifts like those of the Civil War ever end? It is interesting to me that in the 20th Century, while my grandmother Wirt Brewer Alvord painted Cooke's portrait in oil, her sister Rachel Halsey kept a photo of Jeb Stuart permanently on her bedroom dressing table. And while I never heard them debate the war, their viewpoints must surly have differed.

Most of my research has been done in New Zealand which made it tricky in some ways - like the day when I went into the Whangarei Library and asked if they had any books on the Civil War, to get the reply "WHICH Civil War?" - underlining my embarrassingly American tunnel vision. However it was easier in other ways as there weren't vast books in the library to choose from. Fortunately there was always the web.






Dedicated to Philip St George Cooke's grandaughter, my grandmother, Wirt Brewer Alvord.

She brought joy to Philip St George Cooke and to me as well.


I have many people to thank including:

Wirt (Brewer) Alvord, Lucy Archer, Frances Barr, Mary Brewer, Charles Brewer, Tom Brooks, John Eldridge, Lana Emmanuel, Margaret & Fred Grover, Kevin "Bud" Henson, Kristen Jacobi, Cy Lane, Jack Lirio,  Jan Malone, Jerry March, Patrick McMillan, Scott Norsworthy, John Parrish, and my ever supportive husband, Ray Barrott.



Was Herman Melville a ghost writer for Cooke?  Scott Norsworthy's site:

PSGC's granddaughter Rachel goes to Europe.A Victorian Lady's Trip to Europe 1914

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