John Rogers Cooke

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After the War
John Rogers and Ann [Nannie] Gordon Patton

Brigadier General John Rogers Cooke had been wounded seven or eight times during the war by the time he was mustered out at Lee's surrender.

After the war he and his family were well placed in the social circles in Richmond where he became a merchant and engaged in commercial pursuits.
He was on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce
He co-founded and commanded Lee Camp, the Confederate Soldier's home.
1887 Oct 27 He acted as Chief of Staff on the laying of the corner-stone of the Lee Monument.
1890 May 29 He was involved with the unveiling of Lee's equestrian statue.
And he was a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Historical Society.

It was said that he was gentle, genial, and sympathetic, and as a companion charming. His domestic relations were most happy, and that he was a tender father and husband.

According to a letter written sometime after 1964 to my Aunt Dorothy, Marrow Stuart Smith (daughter of Jeb Stuart II) wrote: "I knew him and great Aunt Nannie Cooke when they lived on 3rd St. Richmond. They had 8 children and after the war he could hardly make a living. He opened a grocery store and managed to feed his family. His father Gen. Philip St. George Cooke gave them their house after Grandma Stuart asked her father to help them."

As far as I can figure out, he and Ann (Nannie) Patton Cooke, had ten children, eight of whom survived into adulthood and most into old age.

John Rogers Cooke Jr. b. March 19 1864 d. Dec 14 1951
Fairlie Patton Cooke b. May 2 1867 m. Mary Rogers d. Oct 8 1934 Louisville KY
Ellen Mercer Cooke b. July 3 1869 m. Austin Brockenbrough d.Feb 22 1927
Philip St. George Cooke b. Nov 3 1871 m Louise Withers McAdams d. Oct 2 1961
Esten Cooke (twin) b. March 10 1873 d. 1873
Wilt Cooke (twin) b. March 10 1873 d. 1875
Rachel Wilt Cooke b. June 16 1874 m Baskerville Bridgeforth d. May 24 1960
Hallie Patton Cooke b.Aug 10 1876 m. William J. Wallace d. Feb 22 1972
Nannie Gordon Cooke b.Oct 5 1878 m. Stafford H. Parker d. March 16 1976
Stuart G. Cooke b.Dec 8 1879 m. Martha Ann Lundy d. Dec 27 1955

1880 census reports that the family were living at 125 West Cary, Richmond, Henrico Co. Virginia.

1891 April 10 Death of General John Rogers Cooke age 58 in Richmond, Virginia. He is buried in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Vol II states that "Immediately after the close of the war he was reconciled with his father and family from whom he was estranged on espousing the Confederate cause."

An obituary states "His espousal of the Confederate cause estranged him from his parents, to whom he was devotedly attached, but about five years ago a complete reconciliation took place, and his death will prove a terrible blow to the aged father and mother, who are living in Detroit, but were too feeble to come to his bedside". [That would place the reconciliation in 1886].

The Army & Navy Journal XXXII p. 491 states he would not even speak to his father until just before his own death in 1891.

I think the period of reconciliation between the families lies somewhere between 1867 and 1871 as John Roger's third son, born Nov 3 1871 in Virginia was named Philip St. George Cooke. The three following children all had names related to John Roger's mother and father - Esten, Wilt, and Rachel Wilt -Their tenth child, born Dec 8 1879 in Virginia was named Stuart Cooke.

1905 Nannie Cooke and her family were living at a house on 7 South Third Street in Richmond which was purchased for them by Philip St. George Cooke. Flora's grandchildren visited them at this address.

1914 Nov 7 Marriage of Philip St. George Cooke and Mrs. Louise McAdams Withers in Richmond Virginia.
"Both of whom [according to the Washington Post 8th November 1914] are very prominent in the social life of the city. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. George B. McAdams. Her first husband, Robert W. Withers, of Suffolk, Va., died about two years ago." Q: Was Robert W. Withers related to Captain John Withers and his wife Anita Dwyer Withers who was the keeper of the helpful CivilWar diary?

1914 July 23 Anne (Nannie) Gordon Patton Cooke died in Richmond Virginia age 70.

Their son, Philip St. George Cooke, who lived to be 90, in his application form for membership of
The Virginia Society Sons of the American Revolution, gave his residence as 914 Franklin St.
He stated he was a graduate of the Richmond High School, and that his occupation was "Audit of Life Insurance Co. of Va." The application was examined, approved and accepted on Feb 21 1916.

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