Famous Men, Silent Women

I am the great great granddaughter of Philip St. George Cooke.

The idea for this paper started in June 1982 on a sunny afternoon in San Francisco.
I was having lunch with my cousin's partner Jerry March, when he said,
"You know, Philip St. George Cooke was a great man. "
"Yeah", I said, "I know, but I don't like the way he treated the Indians."
Jerry then said "Well, I'm part Indian."
(He was descended from the Lenapé Indian Turtle Unami Clan).
The idea that he thought my ancestor was great, led to many years of exploration
of the family's lives before the Civil War, the rifts caused by that war
- Jeb Stuart's and Cooke's split being the most notable -
and a follow up of their lives as much as it was possible after the war.

Philip St George Cooke before the American Civil war
Philip St. George Cooke during the American Civil war
Philip St George Cooke after the American Civil war

Main Characters

Philip St. George Cooke, b. June 13, 1809, d. March 20, 1895, m. Oct 28, 1830 to:
Rachel Wilt (Hertzog) Cooke, b. Aug 25, 1807, d. Feb 15, 1896
(My great great grandparents)

Their four children:
John Rogers Cooke, b. June 9, 1833, d. April 10, 1891, m. Jan 5, 1864 to:
Anne (Nannie) Gordon Patton b. Sept 23 1844 d. July 23 1914

Flora Cooke, b. Jan 3, 1836, d. May 10, 1923, m. Nov 14, 1855 to:
Jeb Stuart b. Feb 6, 1833 d. May 12,1864

Maria Pendleton Cooke, b. Feb 25, 1840, d. Oct 13, 1926 m. Jan 5, 1861 to:
Dr. Charles Brewer, b. June 21, 1832 d. March 1909
(My great grandparents)

Julia Turner Cooke, b. March 10, 1842, d. May 14, 1902 m. Nov 15, 1864 to:
Col Jacob Sharpe, b. July 31, 1834 d. April 27, 1892
John Esten Cooke, b.Nov 3, 1830, d. Sept 27, 1886, m. Sept 18, 1867 to:
Mary Frances Page b. 24 May 1840 d. 15 Jan 1878
(Philip St. George Cooke's nephew, son of his older brother John Rogers Cooke)